Thanks to TweedlyDumb all new Orange+4 gear sets have been added for all heroes. In order to do this he first had to create templates for the gear, so feel free to use the folling templates :)

{{4D Glasses}}
Item 4D Glasses

4D Glasses

Max Health +110
Magic Resist +75

{{Glass Cannon}}
Item Glass Cannon

Glass Cannon

Magic Penetration +35
Armor Penetration +35
Accuracy +15

{{Hair of the Dog}}
Item Hair of the Dog

Hair of the Dog

Health Regen +1500
Energy Regen +75
Tenacity +50

{{Hammer Time}}
Item Hammer Time

Hammer Time

Basic Damage +350
Armor Penetration +100

{{Little Pricks}}
Item Little Pricks

Little Pricks

Agility +25
Magic Resist +75
Crit Rating +50

{{Orbital Kitty}}
Item Orbital Kitty

Orbital Kitty

Strength +60
Intellect +60
Agility +60
Expertise +5

{{Organic Book of Nature}}
Item Organic Book of Nature

Organic Book of Nature

Max Health +200
Life Steal +40

{{Political Platform Shoes}}
Item Political Platform Shoes

Political Platform Shoes

Basic Damage +120
Skill Power +120

{{Ring of Ill Will}}
Item Ring of Ill Will

Ring of Ill Will

Intellect +60
Magic Resist +75
Energy Regen +150

{{Sick Mullet}}
Item Sick Mullet

Sick Mullet

Intellect +100
Skill Power +500
Dodge +50
Conservation +30%
Expertise +2

{{Volatile Smoothie}}
Item Volatile Smoothie

Volatile Smoothie

Strength +20
Magic Resist +75
Health Regen +400

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