• DSserver9

    SERVER 9 , VIP 13 (CURRENTLY 1K TICKETS FROM VIP14) . TOP RANKINGS (total power, stars, team power, guild) Currently At 615K+ TOTAL POWER All Heroes except kracken (15 stones needed) Almost ALL Are 5 starred orange + 1 to +4 (all necessary, decent, usefull, and good/strong heroes are o4) ALL MAXED TO CURRENT LEVEL CAP OF 105, Fully Skilled!. Geared, Enchanted etc All Availiable/Current Legendary Quests Done/Finished and Skilled, TONS OF ITEMS, Scraps, Packs, gems, etc . FREE SOUL CHESTS. SOULMART , AND ALL TRADERS/SHOPS ARE PERMANENTTLY UNLOCKED. A Bunch of Rare Hero Skins and avatars, All Expo and/or Quest hero skins and avatars. Champion of Top Ranking Guild on Server, With Various Stam Packs, Elite Resets (150+) , x2 double drop 24hr pa…

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