• I assume I'm on a relatively young server (10 foot pole) and am stuck at level 75 and puriple +2 (for now).  I remember topping out before, and eventually there was an update with "huge content release" of another couple chapters in the campaign (I'm topped out at 10 right now) and the ability to level up more, but I wasn't stuck nearly so long that time.  It's getting a little boring, I have all heros, and greater than 50% maxed on skills and items/enchantments.  Anyone remember being in a similar situation on your server and how long it took for the powers-that-be to update?  If I check the rankings there are at least 200 others stuck at 75 as well (and I'm not even in that list ;) 

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    • I'm on server 2 (Director's Cut) and my best heroes are Orange+3 and Orange+4, and at level 106. I haven't yet reached the "end" since the amount of grind required for the orange items takes so much time. So I'd assume when your server gets the same content there'll be quite much to do.

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