As of 2017-04-07…

You can create an account on any (and every) server you wish. Simply go to your profile screen (top left of main screen) and select “Accounts” → “New Account” to create a brand new, level 1 user on another server of your choosing.

Monthly Deal purchases and VIP levels only apply to the server in which they were purchased/attained. So, you will have to purchase diamonds/monthly deal on each server you want VIP on!

Item Foam Finger

Server 1Edit

Foam FingerEdit

Current Level Cap: 125

Item Director’s Cut

Server 2Edit

Director’s CutEdit

Current Level Cap: 125

Item Side of Bacon

Server 3Edit

Side of BaconEdit

Current Level Cap: 125

Item Loaded Die

Server 4Edit

Loaded DieEdit

Current Level Cap: 125

Item Muscle Wax

Server 5Edit

Muscle WaxEdit

Current Level Cap: 125

Item Smarty Pants

Server 6Edit

Smarty PantsEdit

Current Level Cap: 125

Item Lucky Orc’s Foot

Server 7Edit

Lucky Orc’s FootEdit

Current Level Cap: 125

Item Magic Eight Ball

Server 8Edit

Magic Eight BallEdit

Current Level Cap: 130

Item Laser Kitten

Server 9Edit

Laser KittenEdit

Current Level Cap: 125

Item Ten-Foot Pole

Server 10Edit

Ten-Foot PoleEdit

Current Level Cap: 85

Server 11Edit

Eleventh HourEdit

Current Level Cap: 100

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