Alphabetised list of all items, grouped by colour.

White Items Edit

Item Bessie’s Bane
Item Bit o’ Nip
Item Bloody Bat
Item Chunky Femur
Item Enchanted Elbow Pads
Item Fine Brie
Item Foam Finger
Item Free Man’s Crowbar
Item Goblin Grog
Item Goblin Whacker
Item Loaded Die
Item Lucky Orc’s Foot
Item My First Shield
Item Paper Crown
Item Rubber Vest
Item Snazzy Vest
Item Stick-on Moustache
Item Stolen Sneakers
Item Swash Buckler

Green Items Edit

Item Arcane Slacks
Item Artifact of Unimaginable Power
Item Banjo of Dueling
Item Blissful Ignorance
Item Butter Knife
Item Captain’s Tightpants
Item Chaps of Endurance
Item Daisy Chainsaw
Item Director’s Cut
Item Excaliburtreynolds
Item Gloves of Crit
Item Hemp Bracelet
Item Hippy Glo Sticks
Item King Jeff’s Crossbow
Item Lifesipper
Item Magic Eight Ball
Item Melty Chocolate Bar
Item Nonstick Shield
Item Oxfords of Alacrity
Item Penetrable Armor
Item Plastic Vampire Teeth
Item Plucky Heroine’s Shortbow
Item Pretty Sweet Cape
Item Protein Powder
Item Raw Egg
Item Shiny Bottlecap
Item Side of Bacon
Item Smarty Pants
Item Sock Full o’ Pennies
Item Sparkle Pony Keychain
Item Ten-Foot Pole
Item The Power of Medicine
Item Thong of Vitality
Item Vampire Bunnyears
Item Wand of Gold Sparkles
Item YA Vampire Series

Blue Items Edit

Item And My Axe!
Item Axes of Dual Wielding
Item Bag o’ Hammers
Item Dead Eye
Item Death Metal Blade
Item Decoder Ring
Item Don’t Tase Me Bow
Item Flail of Total Devastation
Item Gentlemen’s Club
Item Glaive of Dismemberment
Item Impractical Chestplate
Item Intimidating Beard
Item Kindness
Item Laser Pointer
Item Lead Zeppelin
Item Mace of Friendship
Item Muscle Wax
Item Mussel Milk
Item Necronomicon
Item Orb of Everlasting Flavor
Item Racing Stripes
Item Robe of Sharp Comebacks
Item Rod of Shenanigans
Item Rod of Tasing
Item Sacred Codex
Item Shot in the Arm
Item Snake Oil
Item Spud Gun
Item Staff of Boss Fighting
Item The Compensator
Item The Mad God’s Trident
Item The Power of Positive Thinking
Item The Ugly Stick
Item Thinking Cap
Item Tome of Forbidden Trivia

Purple Items Edit

Item +27 Pocket Protector
Item Adamantium Tiara
Item Anti-Magic Shell
Item Axe of Major Riffage
Item Big Stabby Spear
Item Blacksteel Blade
Item Boots Made for Walkin’
Item Bowie Knife
Item Bunny Slippers
Item Championship Belt
Item CHUGG Boots
Item Cosplay Sword
Item Cryptozoology
Item Diplomatic Immunity
Item Dirk of Disemboweling
Item Disk of Some Power
Item Dragon Scale
Item Enid’s Expensive Elixir
Item Extreme Fad Diet
Item Framed Diploma
Item Grievous Bodily Harm
Item Hammer of Wicked Beats
Item Harold’s Homemade Halberd
Item Head Banger
Item Healthy Dose of Skepticism
Item Helm of the Raging Bear
Item Holy Hand Grenade
Item Laser Kitten
Item Laser Sword
Item Laser Visor
Item Lavishly Adorned Rapier
Item Lens of Decryption
Item Liche Finger
Item Lifedrinker
Item Liger Balm
Item Mjlnirby
Item Motivational Cassette
Item Overpowering Fragrance
Item Philter of Pure Testosterone
Item Purple Pills of Potency
Item Rod of Witty Banter
Item S.H.O.V.E.L.
Item Sandwich of Unsurpassed Meatiness
Item Self Preserver
Item Super Spikey Spear
Item Sven’s Sword of DOOOOOM
Item Swordy McEpicPants
Item The 1 Ring
Item The Power of Friendship
Item The Power of Love
Item Tome of Eldritch Goings-on
Item Tome of Nasty Behavior
Item Shot of Cortisone
Item Shot of Knightcodin
Item Tome of Occult Nonsense
Item Tome of Unspeakable Hearsay
Item Vorpal Boomerang
Item War Sandals
Item Wizardry for Idiots

Orange Items Edit

Item Amulet of Concentrated Awesome
Item Axe of Grinding
Item Deck of THE FUTURE
Item Deerstalker Hat
Item Dragon’s Ballz
Item Eye of the Beholder
Item Girdle of Victory
Item Glass Case of Emotion
Item Glasses of Lenslessness
Item Glory Seeker
Item Helm of Screaming Manface
Item High Tea
Item Holy Lance, Heretic Slayer
Item Ivy League Haircut
Item Jar of Kitten Tears
Item Knives of Hackenslash
Item Monster Hunter Armor
Item Mystical Elven Sh*t
Item Old Dirty Bastard Sword
Item Ornate Crown of the GM
Item Peter Piper’s Pepper Spray
Item Photo Bomb
Item Purifying Tuning Fork
Item Rattling Sabre
Item Readin’ Rain Bow
Item Ring of the Squirrel
Item Roll of Duct Tape
Item Skimpy Chainmail of Immense Power
Item Slightly Evil Magic Mirror
Item Sweatband of Bewitching
Item The Power of SCIENCE
Item Unicorn on the Cob
Item Unicorn Puke
Item Untested Jetpack
Item Wicked Mullet
Item Yodeling Sword


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