• The Gold Chest contains Gear (full items, scrolls or scraps), Heroes, Hero Soulstones, XP Potions, and Ore.
  • Players can collect a free Gold Chest every 48 hours.
  • Additional chests may be purchased individually for 288 Diamond or “Buy 10” for 2,590 Diamond (a 10% discount). Purchasing a “Buy 10” guarantees the player will receive a minimum of one hero with a minimum star rating of 2 (30 Soulstone value).
Possible Rewards % Chance
Gear 27%
Hero 25%
Soulstone x 3 30%
XP Item 6%
Ore 12%


The gear received from a gold chest depends on the Team Level of the player that opens the chest and may contain scraps, scrolls, or whole items. Additionally gear received has a multiplier applied to the quantity received. 95% of the time you will receive the amounts below, but 5% of the time you will receive double the result.

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