Enchanting Costs Edit

Items may be enchanted using gold and enchantment points. Enchantment points are obtained from sacrificing items or enchantment stones. Once a hero is promoted, enchantment points are refunded in the form of enchantment stones. Only green items are fully refunded upon promotion (gold is always lost).

The table below displays the enchantment costs for each enchantment star-level, with the refund amount in parentheses.

Rarity Enchantment Cost (Refund) Gold



1-Star 2-Star 3-Star 4-Star 5-Star Total
Green 20 (20)

Gold x2,400

20 (20)

Gold x2,400

Blue 30 (20)

Gold x4,500

50 (40)

Gold x7,500

80 (60)

Gold x12,000

160 (120)

Gold x24,000

Purple 60

(40) Gold x10,800


(80) Gold x18,000

160 (120)

Gold x28,800

300 (180)

Gold x54,000


(280) Gold x90,000

1,120 (700)

Gold x201,600

Orange 90

(60) Gold x18,900

150 (120)

Gold x31,500

240 (180)

Gold x50,400

450 (270)

Gold x94,500


(420) Gold x157,500

1,680 (1,050)

Gold x352,800


Item Enchantment ResultsEdit

Below are table that show the bonuses/totals provided by enchanting items. Green numbers indicate the bonus for that and gold numbers are the total effect.

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