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Chapter Synopsis Edit

Dust devil

Chapter 2: Chase Dust Devil through the Drakenwall Forest, and release him from Umlaut’s control.

Levels Edit

Level 0* – To the Forest! Edit

Our scouts report seeing smoke rising from deep within the Drakenwall Forest. Let’s investigate.

Level 1 – Two Paths Diverge Edit

Let’s take the path less traveled, shall we?

Level 2 – Rock Blocked Edit

The Cosmic Elf has arrived with Crystal Golems and Stone Imps. They’re blocking our way!

Level 3* – Above the Canopy Edit

This path is getting steep. If we can get up high enough, we should be able see where the smoke is coming from.

Level 4 – Brown Chicken, Brown Cow Edit

Does anyone else hear dance music up ahead? Unz unz unz, unz unz unz.

Level 5 – Smokin’ Hot Edit

Time to teach this dragon that those who play with fire get burned!

Level 6* – Dance with the Devil Edit

We’ve pursued the Dust Devil further into the forest. This looks like a good spot for a fight.

Dialog Before Wave 3

Dust devil
So you’re the little pyro that’s been causing all this ruckus.
Dust devil
Hssss! Who are you calling littlesss?
Dragon Lady
He’s getting ready to charge! Steel yourselves!

Level 7 – Hot Pursuit Edit

The Dust Devil is trying to escape! Get him!

Level 8 – Sudden Chill Edit

The Dust Devil got away, but that can’t be the only reason for the sudden chill in the air…

Level 9* – Lost! Edit

We got turned around during the last battle. I think we might be lost!

Dialog After Wave 3

Dragon Lady
Wait a second… do you have any idea where we are?
Unstable Understudy
No clue. I’m a city girl. All these plants look the same to me.
%#&@!!! We’re lost, aren’t we?

Level 10 – Still Lost… Edit

I swear I’ve seen that purple flower before… are we going in circles?

Level 11 – Rolling Along Edit

Suddenly we hear a rage filled roar and the sound of… rollerskates?

Level 12* – Enter Sand Dragon Edit

We stopped to replenish our water supplies when suddenly- Ambushed!

Dialog After Wave 3

Dust devil
Hsss! Retreat!
Unstable Understudy
Hey, come back here! I’m not done with you yet!
Dragon Lady
If we head back up the hill, we should be able to see above the treeline. We can figure out where we are and see where the Dust Devil is headed.

Level 13 – Illogical Path Edit

If we can just make it back to that hilltop we should be able to get our bearings. Let’s back track.

Level 14 – Drunken Master Edit

The Polemaster blocks our way to the hilltop. His moves are stunning!

Level 15* – Getting our Bearings Edit

Finally! We’ve made it above the treeline! Hmmm… does the sun set in the east or west?

Level 16 – Smoke Spotted! Edit

We can’t let the Dust Devil get away! Follow the smoke.

Dialog After Wave 3

Unstable Understudy
Whoa, look at those ruins up ahead! I’ve never seen pre-Draconian architecture intact like that.
Dragon Lady
Heheh. Nerd.
Unstable Understudy
Whatever, Miss 'Optimal Temperatures for Quenching when Forging Weapons'.
You’re both @#$% nerds. Are we goin’ to #@%#$% sizzle somethin’ or what?

Level 17 – Reinforcements Edit

The Dust Devil has fled towards some ancient ruins we spotted while above the forest canopy. We'll need to fight our way there!

Level 18* – Feel the Heat Edit

We’ve cornered the Dust Devil in the ancient ruins!

Dialog After Wave 3

Dust devil
Hsss… who are you?
It’s alright, we’re friends.
Dust devil
What happened to me? It’sss all blanksss…
Dragon Lady
You were being controlled by Umlaut.
Dust devil
Yesss, now I remember sssomething about that. He said, “Once all the dragonsss are mine, everyone will fear Umlaut Andragonousss the Fifth.”
…Did you say, Andragonous… the Fifth…?
Dust devil
Unstable Understudy
Dragon Lady
You are complete and utter children, you know that?
BWAHHAHA… I’m ha ha… sorry, I just can’t ha ha… help myself!
Dust devil
You mussst sssave the other dragonsss!
Unstable Understudy
OK, you’re right. This is no laughing matter.
Don’t worry little pyro, we'll save your buddies.
Dust devil
If you can sssave my Soulstonesss, I will join you. Until then, I’m going somewhere lessss flammable. Or iss it inflammable?

Note: * are levels that are both Normal and Elite.

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