Icon Template Cheatsheet
{{Bashing}} = Dmg type bashing {{DOT}} = Dmg type over time {{Dragon}} = Hero traits dragon {{Electric}} = Dmg type electric {{Heavy}} = Hero traits heavy
{{Knockback}} = Dmg type knockback {{Magic}} = Dmg type magic {{Physical}} = Dmg type physical {{Piercing}} = Dmg type piercing {{Slashing}} = Dmg type slashing
{{Tasty}} = Hero traits tasty {{Water}} = Dmg type water {{True}} = Dmg type true {{Fire}} = Dmg type fire {{Necrotic}} =Dmg type necrotic
{{Toxic}} - Dmg type toxic {{Gold}} = Gold {{Diamond}} = Diamond {{Stamina}} = Icon Stamina {{Star}} = Dragonsoul-hero-star-105x105-2016-04-11 12-20-11

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