Chapter by Chapter, campaign leads your team on the quest to beat the Evil Dragon Umlaut and his minions! Select a team of 5 of your heroes for each battle. Battles consist of three waves. You'll face all manner of minions and even captured heroes. In Elite mode, you can win back Soulstones and once you have enough you can Summon that hero. Each Chapter, every Battle, gets you one step closer to your matchup against the mighty Umlaut.


Normal Edit

Normal mode is the main story mode of the game. The story is progressed by completing each level of a Chapter before moving on to the next Chapter. Each Chapter has 20 levels (0-19). Each level has a specific set of items that are know to be available but items from previous levels might also be dropped. There are 7 repeatable levels and 12 nthat are non-repeatable. The repeatable levels are main story points and once completed with 3 stars, can be raided. The non repeatable are extra story points that add humor and details along the way. The amount of stamina needed to complete each level increases as the Chapters progress.

Normal mode levels are mostly used for farming of items needed for Hero progression (promote to higher rarity).

Elite Edit

Elite mode is harder than Normal mode by about 3 times. The storyline progresses through just the 7 main story points of each Chapter. Like with Normal mode once completed with 3 stars they can be raided. Elite mode is where Soulstones are available. Each level, in addition to the items available in Normal, has 1 specific Heroes stone available. The stamina needed to complete each level is doubled from normal mode.

Elite mode levels are mostly used for farming of Hero Soulstones to Evolve Heroes (adding stars).


Intro - Tutorial
Chapter 1 - Castle Dracul
Chapter 2 - Drakenwall Forest
Chapter 3 - Fort Tannin
Chapter 4 - Hydra Valley
Chapter 5 - Dragonfly Forest
Chapter 6 - Wyvern Woods
Chapter 7 - Drakewise Tower
Chapter 8 - Serpentine Spire
Chapter 9 - Draconian Ruins
Chapter 10 - Titan Canyon
Chapter 11 - Fell Valley
Chapter 12 - Mount Drakken
Chapter 13 - Mount Drakken Summit
Chapter 14 - Bleached Coast
Chapter 15 - Pirate Port

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